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Rayvanny, born Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa, is a Tanzanian singer, songwriter, and dancer who has taken the music international through storm. Born on August 22, 1993, in Mbeya, Tanzania, Rayvanny’s journey from a humble heritage to worldwide reputation has been not anything quick of awesome. His particular combo of Afrobeat, Bongo Flava, and traditional Tanzanian rhythms has captured the hearts of thousands and thousands of fans global. In this biography, we are able to delve deep into the existence and career of this proficient artist, exploring his early days, rise to prominence, and the significant impact he has had on the worldwide music scene.

Adolescence and historical past:

Rayvanny grew up inside the bustling city of Mbeya, wherein existence became not usually easy for him and his own family. Raised in a modest household, he faced various challenges however changed into instilled with a robust paintings ethic and a ardour for track from an early age. Rayvanny’s love for singing and dancing became apparent during his number one school years, in which he might entertain his classmates and instructors with his extraordinary vocal variety and active dance moves.

Although Rayvanny’s dad and mom endorsed him to consciousness on his research, they identified his substantial talent and supported his ardour for music. As he matured, Rayvanny honed his abilities with the aid of participating in local expertise indicates and activities. His performances garnered attention, paving the way for what could emerge as an illustrious musical profession.

The breakthrough moment:

Rayvanny’s large ruin got here while he stuck the attention of Diamond Platnumz, one in every of Tanzania’s maximum a success and influential artists. In 2015, Rayvanny sent a demo of his music to Diamond Platnumz, who became thoroughly impressed with the aid of the younger talent’s ability. Diamond not simplest praised Rayvanny’s abilties however additionally provided him the possibility to enroll in his report label, Wasafi conventional child (WCB).

Becoming a member of WCB marked a turning factor in Rayvanny’s profession. With Diamond Platnumz as his mentor and the WCB team supporting his increase, Rayvanny’s musical adventure multiplied rapidly. In 2016, he launched his debut single “Kwetu,” which became an instant hit, gaining massive airplay across Tanzania and past.

Upward thrust to Prominence:

Rayvanny’s upward thrust to prominence was meteoric. Along with his velvety voice, soulful lyrics, and infectious beats, he captured the hearts of tune lovers across East Africa and past. His collaborations with Diamond Platnumz on tracks like “Salome” and “Tetema” further solidified his location within the tune enterprise. Rayvanny’s level presence and electrifying performances in the course of live shows earned him a devoted fan base.

In 2017, he released his first EP, “Pochi Nene,” which featured a mix of Swahili R&B and dancehall vibes. The EP obtained vital acclaim and similarly established Rayvanny as a pressure to be reckoned with in the African track scene. His commitment to producing top notch song and genuine storytelling set him apart from his contemporaries.

Worldwide reputation and Awards:

Rayvanny’s expertise transcended borders, and his song won popularity on the worldwide stage. He collaborated with famend artists from one of a kind international locations, along with Nigeria’s Patoranking, Kenya’s Khaligraph Jones, and Puerto Rico’s Daddy Yankee, among others. Those collaborations now not most effective showcased his versatility however also cemented his fame as an worldwide artist.

The accolades quickly accompanied. Rayvanny received severa nominations and awards for his notable work. He gained a couple of honors at the Kilimanjaro tune Awards, which include satisfactory Male Artist and satisfactory Collaboration. The MTV Africa music Awards (MAMA) and AFRIMMA (African Muzik mag Awards) also identified his contributions to the music industry.

Impact on Tanzanian song:

Rayvanny’s achievement has been a supply of inspiration for aspiring artists in Tanzania and across Africa. His story of determination, talent, and incessant pursuit of excellence serves as a beacon of desire for the ones looking to break into the competitive track industry. Moreover, Rayvanny’s dedication to the usage of his platform for advantageous alternate has endeared him to many. at the moment has signed out WCB and started own his Record label Next Level Music(NLM)

He actively advocates for social issues, and his songs often convey messages of cohesion, love, and the importance of education. Rayvanny’s philanthropic endeavors, which includes helping training and healthcare projects in Tanzania, reveal his dedication to giving returned to the network that raised him.

Continued Evolution and Future Endeavors:

As Rayvanny’s profession continues to flourish, he stays dedicated to pushing innovative obstacles and exploring new musical territories. His growth as an artist is obvious in his recent releases, which show off a deeper information of his craft and a willingness to test with numerous genres.

Past tune, Rayvanny has ventured into performing, making cameo appearances in Tanzanian movies and television suggests. This foray into the arena of performing has unfolded new opportunities for him and added to his multifaceted personality.




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  • Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa

  • Rayvanny Boy

  • August 22, 1993

  • 29 as 2023

  • Tanzania

  • Mbeya Tanzania

  • Leo

  • Singer

  • Single

  • 4.5

  • 50kg

  • 1

  • Ugali

  • Miami and Paris

  • Nyakusa

  • 900,000 US



Rayvanny’s life and career are a testament to the strength of their skills, hard paintings, and passion. From his humble beginnings in Mbeya to becoming an international sensation, he has remained proper to his roots and values. With each new launch, he continues to win hearts and inspire infinite people to pursue their goals relentlessly.

Rayvanny’s journey is some distance from over, and lovers around the arena eagerly watch for the following chapter on this musical maestro’s story. As he keeps to evolve and triumph over new heights, one thing is sure – Rayvanny’s imprint on the Tanzanian and global track scene may be felt for generations to come.

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