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Matthew Trebek Wiki, Bio, Age, Stature, Net Worth, Sweetheart with More

Matthew Trebek Wiki, Bio, Age, Stature, Net Worth, Sweetheart with More


Meet Matthew Trebek, a interesting business person who has carved his possess way in the bustling culinary world. In spite of the fact that he might be best known as the child of the late and cherished diversion appear have Alex Trebek, Matthew Trebek stands out in his possess right with his assorted gifts and immovable commitment to his enthusiasm. From running fruitful eateries to making a positive affect on the Unused York City community, he is a figure worth knowing. In this comprehensive article, you’ll discover everything you require to know around Matthew Trebek’s wiki, bio, age, stature, net worth, sweetheart, and more than 2500 words of quick facts.

Matthew Trebek Wiki, Bio, Age, Stature, Net Worth, Sweetheart with More

Early Life and Background

Matthew Trebek was born in 1990 in Los Angeles, California, to Alex Trebek, the notorious “Risk!” have, and Jean Currivan Trebek, a genuine domain director. Developing up in a family where victory and fabulousness were regular desires, he was uncovered to both the glitz of Hollywood and the groundedness of dedicated parents.

  • Title: Matthew Trebek
  • Birth Year: 1990
  • Put of Birth: Los Angeles, California
  • Guardians: Alex Trebek (father), Jean Currivan Trebek (mother)
  • Kin: Emily Trebek (sister)

His father’s victory and mother’s genuine domain insight played a critical part in forming Matthew’s work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit.


Matthew gone to Campbell Corridor, an regarded private school in Los Angeles. From a youthful age, he appeared a profound intrigued in cooking and business enterprise. After tall school, he sought after a degree in communications and commerce organization at Fordham College in Modern York. His college a long time laid the basis for his possible raid into the neighborliness and eatery industry.

Career Journey

Matthew Trebek Wiki, Bio, Age, Stature, Net Worth, Sweetheart with More

From Genuine Domain to Restaurants

After graduating from Fordham College, Matthew at first sought after a career in genuine domain, leveraging his mother’s skill. He worked for a few a long time in the Modern York City genuine domain showcase but felt a yearning to take after his enthusiasm for food.

North Conclusion Nourishment Hall

In 2020, Matthew co-founded North Conclusion Nourishment Corridor in Harlem, Unused York City, an inventive concept that brings together different nourishment sellers beneath one roof. It has ended up a prevalent spot for local people and guests alike, advertising different culinary choices that reflect the wealthy social embroidered artwork of the neighborhood.

Oso Restaurant

Matthew Trebek’s to begin with outstanding wander into the eatery industry was Oso, a Mexican eatery found in Harlem. Propelled in 2016, Oso encapsulates the wealthy flavors of Mexico City road nourishment, bringing an true however present day bend to conventional cuisine.

  • Area: 1618 Amsterdam Ave, Unused York, NY 10031
  • Food: Mexican
  • Established: 2016
Matthew Trebek Wiki, Bio, Age, Stature, Net Worth, Sweetheart with More

The victory of Oso has not as it were set Matthew’s notoriety as a restaurateur but has too made a culinary point of interest in Harlem. The eatery is known for its tacos, margaritas, and dynamic atmosphere.

Pizza Concept

Besides North Conclusion Nourishment Lobby and Oso, Matthew has too been working on a pizza concept. Whereas subtle elements are still rare, it’s rumored to be another Harlem-based foundation centered on gourmet, wood-fired pizza with a interesting twist.

Magnanimity and Community Involvement

Following in his father’s strides, Matthew Trebek is committed to charity and community inclusion. He has effectively backed different charitable organizations and activities, centering on instruction, wellbeing, and social justice.

  • Harlem Developed: He is closely included with Harlem Developed, a non-profit organization that points to rouse youth through urban cultivating, maintainability, and sustenance education.
  • Alex Trebek Bequest Support: After the passing of his father, Matthew got to be included in the Alex Trebek Bequest Support, which underpins pancreatic cancer research.

His charitable soul resounds with his father’s bequest, illustrating a commitment to positive alter past the world of business.

Individual Life: Family and Relationships

Sweetheart and Relationship Status

Matthew Trebek is known to be generally private approximately his individual life. In any case, he has been spotted with his sweetheart, Lauren, on different events. In spite of the fact that not much is known approximately their relationship, it’s clear that they share a near bond.

  • Girlfriend’s Title: Lauren
  • Relationship Status: In a committed relationship

Lauren has upheld Matthew all through his entrepreneurial travel and frequently shows up at his eatery occasions, appearing her immovable support.

Matthew Trebek’s Stature and Physical Appearance

Matthew Trebek Wiki, Bio, Age, Stature, Net Worth, Sweetheart with More

Matthew Trebek’s appearance reflects his dynamic way of life. He keeps up a fit physical make-up, much obliged in portion to his enthusiasm for sports and fitness.

  • Tallness: Roughly 5’10” (178 cm)
  • Weight: Around 160 lbs (73 kg)
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown

He is known for his charming grin and charismatic mien, much like his father.

Net Worth and Budgetary Success

Matthew Trebek has collected significant riches through his different commerce wanders. From his eateries to his genuine bequest speculations, he has built a strong budgetary portfolio.

  • Evaluated Net Worth: Around $3 million
  • Sources of Income:
  • Eatery business
  • Genuine bequest investments
  • Nourishment hall

Despite coming from a family with a impressive bequest, Matthew has worked difficult to make his claim budgetary success.

Curiously Truths Approximately Matthew Trebek

  1. Energetic Cook: Matthew created a enthusiasm for cooking early in life and frequently has private supper parties.
  2. Genuine Bequest Smart: Some time recently entering the eatery commerce, he went through a few a long time in genuine domain, sharpening his venture skills.
  3. Culinary Collaboration: He collaborates closely with nearby chefs and restaurateurs to bring inventive flavors to his nourishment halls.
  4. Harlem Advocate: He’s an advocate for Harlem, guaranteeing his businesses grant back to the neighborhood community.
  5. Wellness Devotee: An ardent wellness devotee, he appreciates remaining dynamic through sports and exercise center workouts.


In conclusion, Matthew Trebek is much more than the child of a incredible diversion appear have. He has cleared his possess way in the world, mixing enterprise, culinary energy, and charity. With a effective eatery commerce, a heart for giving back to the community, and a undaunted bolster framework in his sweetheart Lauren, Matthew Trebek proceeds to make a title for himself. His travel from genuine bequest to the eatery trade is a confirmation to his persistent interest of his dreams and devotion to excellence.

If you’re interested in supporting Matthew Trebek’s culinary wanders or learning more approximately his magnanimous endeavors, visit his eateries or check out the assets over.

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