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In a musical landscape wherein innovation and authenticity are prized, Marioo has managed to carve a niche for himself that mixes each. Born in Tanzania, Marioo’s journey from an regular young guy to a celebrated artist is a testament to his talent, dedication, and unwavering ardour for tune.

Early life

Omary best friend Mwanga (born 31 December 1995), known professionally as Marioo, is a Tanzanian singer, songwriter, poet, and tune producer.He was born in Temeke, Dar es Salaam and later on he turned into moved to Kibiti District to live along with his grandmother. Omary now lives in Dar es Salaam, Mikocheni wherein he writes, plays, and releases in most cases bongo flava and kiswahili amapiano song. In 2022, Omary gained 3 Tanzanian track Awards from 7 nominations. Rolling Stone magazine ranked Marioo 39 on its 40 afropop songs of 2022. Marioo released his debut album “the kid you know” on December 9th 2022.

Discovery of Musical skills

Marioo’s musical journey took a sizable turn when his innate expertise become noticed by a local song manufacturer during a community occasion. Impressed by using his melodious voice and level presence, the manufacturer recommended Marioo to pursue tune significantly.

Venturing into the track industry

With newfound dedication, Marioo entered the Tanzanian track scene with a dream to make a mark. He started with the aid of participating with rising artists and manufacturers, step by step refining his style and locating his unique voice.

NotJustOk’s and Tanzanian tune journalist, Charles Maganga praised “the child you recognize” album by means of declaring that the album has “set up Marioo as a mega Bongo Fleva star ” and acclaimed Marioo’s versatility as Marioo ” explored unique musical patterns along with Amapiano, Afrobeats, and R&B while final true to his Bongo Fleva.In may 2023 Marioo released The Deluxe version Of the kid you already know Album.Presently Marioo is reported to this point Paula who is the daughter of the remarkable legend manufacturer P Funk Majani and Kajala

Breakthrough Hit: “Dar Kugumu”

Omary Mwanga become born in Temeke Dar es salaam to Wandengereko dad and mom from Pwani place of Tanzania. While he became a kid he become despatched to stay together with his grandmother in kibiti, Pwani location where he studied primary college and later on joined secondary faculty. While he became at form one in secondary college he dropped out of college and moved Temeke, Dar Es Salaam to stay with his mother again. Even as in Dar Es Salaam Marioo started working at his uncle’s garage as a motor car mechanic

Marioo’s breakthrough got here with the discharge of his hit unmarried “Dar Kugumu,” a music that resonated with Tanzanian teenagers for its relatable depiction of town life demanding situations. The music’s catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics catapulted Marioo into the spotlight, incomes him recognition and a growing fanbase.

Diverse Musical fashion

It changed into in the course of this time when he started out writing songs for different musicians. In 2015, he recorded vocals of his first track, “Dar Kugumu”. In 2018 he mixed, made a video, and launched “Dar Kugumu” in 2018. “Dar Kugumu” become put on rotation in Dar es Salaam and Nairobi, starting Omary’s profession as a musician.
One of the reasons for Marioo’s extensive appeal is his capacity to seamlessly blend various musical genres, from Bongo Flava to Afropop. His versatility permits him to experiment with unique sounds, maintaining his target market intrigued.

Collaborations that shaped Marioo’s profession

Collaborations with hooked up artists like Vanessa Mdee,shoo Majonzi,Alikiba,Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz in addition elevated Marioo’s profile. Those partnerships now not handiest showcased his capacity to harmonize with specific styles but also solidified his presence inside the industry.

Speedy upward push to repute

Marioo’s upward thrust to reputation become meteoric. His subsequent singles, inclusive of “Raha” and “Inatosha,” continued to dominate the charts, cementing his popularity as a musical sensation. His track movies garnered thousands and thousands of views on YouTube, in addition solidifying his recognition.

Musical impacts and Inspirations

Drawing proposal from both local and global artists, Marioo’s song displays a mix of his cultural roots and worldwide impacts. He cites artists like Michael Jackson, Fally Ipupa, and Ali Kiba as some of his inspirations.

Private life Amidst Stardom

Notwithstanding his fame, Marioo remains grounded and maintains a sturdy connection along with his roots. He often stocks glimpses of his personal existence on social media, permitting enthusiasts to peer the individual in the back of the artist.

Preserving Relevance within the enterprise

In an ever-evolving industry, Marioo’s potential to adapt and evolve has been critical to his sustained achievement. He constantly introduces sparkling factors to his track, making sure that he stays relevant to converting tastes.

Impact on Tanzanian tune

Marioo’s effect on Tanzanian tune is plain. He has contributed to the globalization of Bongo Flava and has turn out to be a supply of satisfaction for his country, inspiring aspiring musicians to pursue their goals. and has a recording label Bad-Nation Limited combination of Abba Process and Marioo and have a artists like Chino and Platform

Destiny Aspirations and tasks
As Marioo’s celebrity maintains to upward thrust, he indicates no symptoms of slowing down. He has hinted at upcoming tasks and collaborations which have fans eagerly watching for what he’ll release next.

Marioo’s reference to enthusiasts

Marioo’s engagement with fans extends past his track. He interacts with them on social media systems, responding to feedback and sharing in the back of-the-scenes glimpses, fostering a strong experience of community.




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  • Omary Ally Mwanga

  • Marioo

  • 31 December 1995

  • 27 as 2023

  • Temeke Dar es Salaam

  • Musician and Busnessman

  • Engaged

  • Bad Nation

  • Aries

  • Tanzanian

  • Dar Es Salaam

  • Amapiano and Bongo

  • none

  • 900k USD

  • 4'6

  • 70KG

  • Chips

  • Temeke


Marioo’s adventure from a young boy with a ardour for music to a celebrated Tanzanian artist is a tale of determination, innovation, and relatability. His capacity to hook up with audiences via his song is a testomony to the popular language that music really is. As Marioo keeps to create and evolve, his affect at the Tanzanian track scene remains profound.


How did Marioo get his begin within the music enterprise?
Marioo’s musical journey began whilst a neighborhood producer recognized his talent during a network occasion and advocated him to pursue tune significantly.

What are a number of Marioo’s most famous songs?
Some of Marioo’s most famous songs encompass “Dar Kugumu,” “Raha,” and “Inatosha.”

Has Marioo won any awards for his track?
Sure, Marioo has received several awards for his song, together with popularity for exceptional New Artist and tune of the yr.

How does Marioo interact together with his lovers on social media?
Marioo actively interacts together with his lovers on social media systems by means of responding to remarks, sharing private insights, and posting in the back of-the-scenes content material.

What makes Marioo’s track fashion unique?
Marioo’s music style is characterised via its blend of various genres, permitting him to attraction to a numerous target market at the same time as preserving a wonderful Tanzanian essence.

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