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Hamisi Mwinjuma, popularly known as Mwana FA, is a renowned musician, rapper, and songwriter from Tanzania. He was born on July 9, 1984 in Tanga, Tanzania. Academically, Mwana FA is a graduate with a degree in Insurance from the Institute of Finance Management (IFM) in 2007 and later pursued his master’s degree of science in Finance in 2010 in London, United Kingdom. From a young age, Mwana FA showed great passion for music and a natural talent for composing and singing.

Growing up in Tanga, Mwana FA was heavily influenced by the music industry in Tanzania. He was inspired by artists such as Sugu, one of the most famous musicians in Tanzania, and Tupac Shakur, an icon of hip-hop music in the United States. These influences greatly enhanced his skills and fueled his dream of becoming a musician.


In 2004, Mwana FA released his first album “Mabinti,” which gained significant attention in the Tanzanian music industry. The album showcased his lyrical prowess, unique style, and ability to blend Swahili rap with various genres of music. Songs like “Bado Nipo Nipo” and “Asanteni kwa Kuja” gained widespread popularity, establishing Mwana FA as a popular musician.

Throughout his career, Mwana FA has released successful albums that have earned him great fame in Tanzania and East Africa as a whole. His albums such as “Yalaiti,” “Bado Nipo Nipo,” and “Kiboko Yangu” showcased his artistic innovation and ability to adapt to changing music trends.

In addition to his work as a solo artist, Mwana FA has collaborated with renowned artists from within and outside Tanzania. His collaborations with artists like Alikiba, Vanessa Mdee, and Diamond Platnumz have resulted in highly successful songs that topped the music charts in East Africa.

Mwana FA’s music often focuses on social issues and promotes meaningful messages. In his more than seventeen years in music, he uses his work to advocate for democratic change, discussing issues such as poverty. His thought-provoking lyrics have earned him international acclaim and a dedicated fan base who appreciate his ability to use music as a means of expressing emotions and providing social commentary.


Mwana FA’s personal life remains private, as he does not publicly share details about his wealth, children, wife, or other relatives. However, it is known that he married his long time girlfriend Helga Mwijuma in 2016 at private wedding attended by only few invited close friend. Despite of his public figure status, he has maintained a low profile marriage life.

In addition to his musical achievements, Mwana FA is highly recognized for his social efforts. With his talent, personality, and influential role, Mwana FA continues to be a major force in the East African music industry. He remains an icon, inspiring upcoming musicians and leaving a lasting mark on Tanzanian and African music as a whole. Mwana FA’s dedication to his work and his intention to bring about change through music prove that he is one of the most beloved and respected musicians in Tanzania.

Currently, Mwana FA serves as the Deputy Minister of Information, Arts, and Sports in the government of the United Republic of Tanzania. He is also a Member of Parliament representing the Muheza constituency in the city of Tanga, Tanzania.

Hamis mwijuma wiki



Full Name

Hamis Mwijuma

Nick Name

Mwana FA / Falsafa

Date of Birth

09th July 1984


39 years


Artist & Politician

Marital Status



No Label

Zodiac Sign




Current Residence



Hip Hop



Net worth

$0.9 Million


5.8 inches



Favorite food

Natural Foods

Favorite Place

Tanga, Dar es Salam

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